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3D Scanners


The Most Versatile and Easy-To-Use 3D Laser Scanners


ZScanners bring speed, accuracy, ease-of-use, and unprecedented versatility to 3D scanning.  Our suite of 3D scanners is ideal for all application environments, from education and the fine arts, to the most demanding design and manufacturing applications.


Capture an entire object in one continuous scan


  • Plug and play setup

  • Scan without stopping to reposition and recalibrate

  • Continuous scan eliminates the need to post process multiple scans

  • Connects to a laptop via a single FireWire cable

  • Includes ZScan™ software that automatically produces an .STL file for output to a 3D printer or a software package of your choice

Perform High Quality Analyses with High Validity Data Capture


  • Technology is based on a surface optimization algorithm

  • Scan is refined the more an object is scanned (no need to worry about point clouds)

  • ZScan software provides multi-resolution scans on a single object

Capture Virtually Any Object From Any Angle

Easy to Use

  • Object-based reference coordinate system allows objects to be moved in mid-scan

  • Real-time surfacing shows progress as you go, revealing hidden spots and ensuring a complete scan

Take the ZScanner Anywhere


  • Portable and lightweight; sets up in minutes

  • Self positioning, no need for bulky mechanical arms, fixed position tripods or external positioning devices

Save Money Now and in the Future


  • No need to purchase expensive CMMs or portable arms

  • High reliability reduces downtime

  • Low implementation costs