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3D Software


ZPrinter Software



ZPrint software is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for preparing CAD files for optimal printing on ZPrinters. ZPrint can handle and manage a broad range of data formats including full-color files.

ZEdit Pro


ZEdit™ Pro software is the fastest and easiest way to prepare 3D data files for printing on ZPrinters. It enables users of 3D mechanical CAD software to verify and ensure that geometric data is printable; apply colors, texture maps and labels to models; and print very large prototypes in component pieces. It also transforms files never originally intended for 3D printing, including those produced by 3D digital content creation software used in architecture and animation. ZEdit Pro makes these files 3D printing-ready, often with a single click. 

Mimics Z


For the first time, doctors, nurses, and technicians who have no previous experience with 3D modeling or 3D printing can create 3D anatomical models from MRI and CT scan images quickly and easily.


Developed by Materialise (creator of Mimics, the leading medical imaging software for the rapid prototyping industry), Mimics Z is optimized for output on Z Corp. high-definition, 3D printers that produce full-color models in only hours. Healthcare organizations worldwide increasingly rely on 3D anatomical models for pre-operative planning, specialist consultation, implant fit and design, patient counseling and medical education.


ZBuilder Ultra Software

Perfactory RP


The Perfactory RP software suite is a comprehensive set of tools for preparing CAD files for prototyping on the ZBuilder Ultra, and optimizing process parameters for that platform.  Individual part files are typically pre-processed in Magics software, and brought into Perfactory RP for combination into a multi-part build file that is then sent to the ZBuilder Ultra.



An OEM version of the popular program developed by Materialise, Magics offers a powerful suite of tools to pre-process build files for any rapid prototyping system or 3D printer.  Included with any ZBuilder Ultra purchase, Magics prepares part files for prototyping by orienting parts and generating the support structures required for the build process.   This package also provides powerful tools for checking file integrity and repairing troubled geometry.