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Oil and Gas Equipments and Services


Product Range: JVS Engineers-Singapore, UK , India


Adjustable Chokes & positive chokes.  


        Fixed bean (positive) chokes

        Adjustable chokes like Needle  & seat chokes, plug & cage, external sleeve chokes

        Multi stage – high pressure drop chokes.

        Manual chokes + Automated chokes - actuator-equipped


Choke trim design


        Fixed bean (positive) trims

        Needle and seat trims

        Plug and cage trims

        External sleeve trims

        Multistage trims - high pressure drop solutions  - Two design- Concentric cage trim & disc type trim.


o       API 6A gate valves

o       High pressure high temp gate valves & chokes suitable for 200 bar pressure & 200 degree C temp.

o       X-mas tree assembly

o       Choke & kill manifold

o      Specification for above items are .


         API 6A latest edition

         NACE MR-01-75 latest edition

         ASME section VIII & IX

         As specified by customers

         Spacer Spool / Riser Spool

         Cross Over / Adaptor Spool

         Drilling Spool

         Drilling Divertor Spool

         Hydraulically actuated Valve

         Double studded and single Adaptor Flange

         BOP Test Sump

         API-6A Flanges


Project Engineering Services


Mudline Systems:


Design ,manufacturing, TPI, Supply ,installation at rig ,testing & handover of complete mud line system from pump to goose neck for on shore and off shore drill rigs.


Well test line, cement and booster line:


Design ,manufacturing, TPI, Supply ,installation at rig ,testing & handover of complete well test line cementing & booster line system to rig.


Blow out preventor:


Re-manufacturing & re-certification of blow out preventor (BOP) of any make under API-16A Certification.


Choke & Kill Manifold:


Re-manufacturing of off-shore and on-shore choke & kill manifold assembly under API-16C & API-6A.


Bespoke Engineering Services:


Tailor made engineering services and project execution for different type of mechanical engineering projects for the drilling rig.





  •  Wellhead Control Panels

  • Specialized Control Systems

  • Ballast and Flooding Systems

  • Systems Integration

  • Sub sea Control Systems

  • Emergency Shutdown Systems

  • Fire & Safety Control Systems

  • Valve Automation

  • Aviation Refueling Systems

  • Skid Development

  • Skid Leasing

  • Repair of Capital Equipment

  • Skid Maintenance

  • Engineering Services

  • Inspection & Certificate Services

  • Chemical Injection Skids


Wilmax Products, Packages and Services :


o      Control Automation


       Wellhead Systems Overview

       Pneumatic Panels & Fusible Loop Panels

       Conventional Pneumatic/Hydraulic Wellhead Systems

       Modular Expandable Draw Out” Wellhead Systems

       Electro-Hydraulic High Pressure Wellhead Systems

       Self-Contained Hydraulic Single Wellhead Systems

       Hydraulic Power Unit (For Large Valve Operations)

       PLC-Based Wellhead Systems

       PLC System for WHCP & Process controls

       Testing and Calibration


o      Equipment Packages 


      Aviation Refueling Systems

      Aviation Fuel Skid

      Portable TOTE Tanks Laydown Skid

      Tank Laydown Skid


Certified to: 


         API RP148

         API RP14C

         API 520

         IEC 60079

         IEC 60529

         ASTM A269


         NAS 1683

         IP MODEL CODE PART 15


Product Range : Ball Valves


         Trunnion  Ball Valves

         Floating Ball Valves

         Top Entry Ball Valves

         Sub Sea Ball Valves

         Full Welded Ball Valves

         Double Block and Bleed Valves



         Mechanical Seals

         Non Asbestos Gaskets

         Non Asbestos Packing



Product Range: Multitex Filtration Engineers Ltd-India 


         Basket Strainers



         Pressure Vessels

         Pig Receivers and Launchers

         Oil & Gas Conditioning Skid Packages


Suppliers of other Product Range:




         Concentric Disc Butterfly Valves.--- European / American /Indian Suppliers.

         Double & Triple Offset Butterfly Valves- European / American / Indian Suppliers.

         Swing Check Valves- European / American / Indian Suppliers.

         Dual Plate Check Valves - European / American / Indian  Suppliers.

         Gate Valves - European / American / Indian Suppliers.

         Globe Valves- European / American / Indian Suppliers.

         Pressure Seal Check Valves— European / American  Suppliers.

         Cast Steel Check Valves- European / American / Indian Suppliers.

         Needle Valves- European / American Suppliers.

         High pressure needle valves - European  / American Suppliers.

         Instrument Air Manifolds- European / American Suppliers.

         Super alloy valves- European / American Suppliers.

         Mono Flange Valves - European / American Suppliers.

         Knife Gate Valves- European / American / Indian Suppliers.

         Eccentric Plug Valves- European / American / Indian Suppliers.

         Vee Port Ball Valves- European / American / Suppliers.

         Safety Key Interlock Systems and Valve Locks - European / American / Suppliers.

         Euro Chlor Approved Bellow Sealed Globe Valves - European / American / Suppliers.

         Bellow Sealed Lift Check Valves -European / American / Suppliers.

         Pneumatic Actuators/Valves- European / American / Indian Suppliers.

         Control Valves- European / American Suppliers. 

         ESD VALVE Packages- European / American / Singapore Package Suppliers.

         Flanges /Fittings- European / American /  Indian / Chinese Suppliers.


Suppliers of other Product Range: 

         O-Rings ,Sealing Materials ,Gaskets- European / American / Singapore Suppliers.

         Level Gauges-European / American /  Indian Suppliers.

         Air and Gas Filtration and Dehydration Products- European / American / Indian Suppliers.

         Pressure Gauges- European / American /  Indian Suppliers.

         Medium Pressure fittings- European / American Suppliers.

         Corrosion Resistant Cable Trays and Fittings

         Centrifugal Pumps- EBARA –Italy-Utilities sector , Aturia Pumps--Italy

         Sewage Pumps-CORNELL Pumps –USA

         Offshore Drilling Pumps—INDAR- Spain

         Diaphgram Pumps—Versa-Matic-USA