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Oil and Gas Maintenance Services

On Line Leak Sealing Services

Arabi Co. ,under pressure leak sealing services are provided by the process, using asbestos-free compounds specially formulated to suit many different products, has successfully solved leak problems at oil refineries, oil and gas platforms, chemical plants, nuclear and conventional power stations, iron and steel works, pulp and paper mills, food and drink processing plants, marine and many other industries.

Leaks can be sealed while plant continues to operate at normal line pressure and temperature, ranging from 100m bar vacuum to 350 bars.

Specialist techniques which have been developed include methods for dealing with the particularly difficult problem of oil leaks from transformers and other equipment, including those from main, turret and top joints, as well as intricate valves and irregularly shaped flanges.

On Site Machining

The furniture on-site machining services provides portable machines and skilled technicians to meet a variety of plant maintenance requirements which call for in-situ machining operations. Applications covered include flange facing up to 6,096mm (240"); pipe cutting any diameter, pipe end profiling and weld preparation; drilling in excess of  203mm(8") in diameter and 1,016mm (40") in depth; milling keyway milling and fly cutting; journal turning over a wide range of diameters on  journals with stepped diameter profiles and ring grooves; tyre grinding on large diameter rotating plant; line boring in excess of 1,524mm (60") in diameter; and boring for core removal or machining out worn pins. Trepanning to larger diameters is also available using our standard range of equipment.

On Line Safety and Relief Valve Testing

On-line Valve Testing is patented hydraulic system for on-line testing of safety and relief valves in steam, water, air, gas and process systems while the plant continues to operate at normal pressure and temperature. On-line Valve Testing can also test valves 'cold' when there is no line pressure.

A remote, multi-pen recorder provides a date marked certified print-out of the lift pressure. Line pressure at the valve or valve displacement can also be recorded. Results achieved with the On-line Valve Testing system are normally within +/- 1% of set pressure when the valve is tested on-line.

An intrinsically safe On-line Valve Testing unit is now also available which has been specifically designed for safe operation in potentially hazardous plant areas.