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    Water Equipments


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Water Heaters...


Glass  Lined Water Heaters for Residential and Commercial Applications.


Residential Water Heaters


Probably the least expensive tank-type water heaters to purchase and install, electric-powered models are a favorite with builders and installers in areas where alternative fuel sources are unavailable. Recent regulatory changes have made this type of electric water heater much more efficient thereby making the product class a better value.



  Download Technical Specs:

>>  Energy Saver Upright

>>  High Efficiency Energy Saver Upright

>>  Energy Saver Lowboy

>>  Energy Saver Utility

>>  Energy Saver Tabletop

>>  Energy Saver Wall Hung

>>  PC® Powerful Compact

>>  Kwickshot® Instantaneous




Commercial Water Heaters


With everything from six-gallon utility models to 2,500-gallon giants, there’s a Bradford White commercial electric water for nearly every application.



Download Technical Specs:

>>  Light Duty Upright

>>  Light Duty Utility

>>  Light Duty Lowboy

>>  Light Duty Wall Hung

>>  Dairy Barn

>>  Medium Duty 3-Element

>>  Energy Saver Immersion Thermostat with Contactors

>>  Energy Saver Surface Mount Thermostat

>>  Energy Saver ASME Immersion Thermostat

>>  Booster Models