Blue Star Water Tank Chiller

Blue Star Water tank Chiller - circulation type Different capacities are available

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300 available pieces !


• Faster cooling
• Anti-corrosive hydrophobic coated fins for extended life
• Safe, hygienic cool water even at high ambients
• High corrosion resistance due to the use of SS piping or food-grade PVC pipe for hydronic system
• High-efficiency compressor
• Microprocessor control
• Low noise and vibration
• Low maintenance
• Pure polyester powder-coated cabinet for UV protection
• Vertical discharge direct driven quieter and higher-efficiency fans
• Compact design and small footprint
• Stainless steel copper-brazed plate-type heat exchanger
• System is pre-charged with oil and refrigerant
• Totally enclosed fan-cooled condenser fan motor
• Suitable for both +ve and -ve heads application

• Blue Star made in India


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